Get Gorgeous Eyeliner With Ease

Get Gorgeous Eyeliner With Ease

Trust our pro to give you an eyeliner tattoo at our clinic in Ukiah, CA

Are you tired of eyeliner running down your face? You can find a solution at Aesthetics by Ashley! We provide eyeliner tattoos at our salon. Generic eyeliner isn't waterproof, and it can be hard to apply. Our tattoos won't smudge, can shape your eye and will save you from applying eyeliner daily. We offer all kinds of styles for your tattoo, including a:

Lash enhancement: Get a thin pop of color between lashes to create a fuller look
Wedge: Almond-shaped eyes can benefit from this thick outer eyeliner
Winged: If you don't have hooded eyes, go for this cat-eye effect
Dusty: Enjoy the permanent soft and delicate look this shading style gives you

Your tattoo can be applied in a fine, thin, medium or thick line. The pigment will fade over time, so you won't have to worry about ageing or changing trends.

For $350, we'll line your upper eyelid and throw in a free touch-up included. For $450, we'll line your upper and lower eyelid with the touch-up also included. An additional touch-up session is just $175.

Call 805-302-7158 now to schedule your eyeliner tattoo appointment.

Check out these steps before you get your tattoo

Before getting an eyeliner tattoo, there are a few things to consider. You should:

Remove your lash extensions: Once your tattoo has healed, you can reapply your lash extensions
Put aside your contact lenses: You can take them out right before your procedure and put them back in once the redness has vanished
Stop taking natural blood thinners: Three days before your appointment, put away the aspirin, fish oil and blood-thinning products

If you are on any blood-thinning prescriptions, please consult your doctor before making your appointment.