Love the Look of Your Lips

Love the Look of Your Lips

Turn to us for lip blushing services in Ukiah, CA

Do you have lip glosses and lipsticks weighing down your purse? You can lighten your load and save time reapplying your gloss by getting lip blushing from Aesthetics by Ashley. Our permanent lip tattoos will leave you with a natural-looking shade that enhances your lips. Some things to know about lip blushing are:

1. It can be used to cover up imperfections, increase lip symmetry and make your lips look fuller
2. Your tattoo will last two to three years but fades over time, so you should book annual sessions to maintain your ideal shade
3. Getting a permanent lip tattoo might sound painful, but many describe it as feeling like small pinches or light scratches
4. We use high-quality vegan Perma Blend products. You can read more about our products

5. The healing process usually lasts about 1 week. Your lips will appear super bright, but they will fade about 50% during this time to match your natural color. You may also experience some scabbing, but hydration will help!

Take the first step toward getting perfectly rosy lips permanently. Lip blushing appointments are $400 a session. Make yours at our salon in Ukiah, CA today!

Make sure your lip tattoo looks its best

To make the most of your new lip tattoo, you must care for it properly. You should focus on hydrating for the week before the procedure. Use a lip moisturizer and exfoliate lightly two days before your appointment. After you get your tattoo:

Cleanse your lips twice a day
Avoid fluids and use a straw for water
Use the provided ointment to hydrate your lips

If you're prone to cold sores, talk to your physician about getting medication three days before your appointment.

Feel free to ask us any questions about the after-care routine when you get in touch with us.